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Today I’m sitting down with my good friend (co-host of Crappy Awesome Podcast & Proof of Life Radio) KILLcRey to talk about his journey going from a Hip-Hop artist to a radio show host, magazine editor/journalist to podcast host and the head of podcast network and hip-hop blog

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1:44 – Guest Introduction

27:40 – Podcast is the best medium

29:00 – KILLcRey podcast equipment

31:55 – Success turned failure or failure turned success: Spread the knowledge | Sometimes we try to do everything ourselves but as a team we should all be able to do each others job in the event of ones absence.

34:25 – Top 3 (Do, Don’t & Must Have):

Do: Have a team where all members specialize in different things.

Don’t: Make important business decisions based off of your initial excitement and emotion. Have patience.

Must Have: Download “Google Keep” App to stay connected from your smartphone to your cloud, tablet, laptop and more. Read 7 reasons you should use Google Keep from

42:10 – Words to live by: Practice full disclosure with any business partner you decide to work with.

44:40 – Guest contact and projects:

-All social media platforms = @KILLcRey
-New audio/visual artpiece #FailingForward coming soon
Co-Host of Proof of Life Radio
Co-Host of the
Music | Videos | Photography | #TheFreshState crew

Other key points:

-“Don’t be the smartest person in the room.” Learn from those smarter and more experienced than you whenever possible.

-“If it’s not a Hell Yes then it’s a no.” When taking on new tasks be 100% in or don’t do it at all. This will not only keep you from wasting your time and others’ but it will keep you progressing and becoming better.


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